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What to Expect at Your First Wax

We’ve already covered the dos and don’ts of waxing, but today we’re going to discuss what to actually expect at your waxing appointment. If you haven’t checked the dos and don’ts out yet, do that first!


When you Arrive

After checking in with the front desk, you’ll be given a Wax Intake. The wax intake asks important medical and personal information that directly pertains to the success of your wax, so it is vital you answer these questions honestly and thoroughly. Once you’ve finished with your intake, you can return it to the front desk and have a seat until your highly skilled technician comes out to meet you.


In the Treatment Room

After you esthetician greets you in the lobby, you’ll be escorted back to one of our private waxing rooms, each with relaxing music and a comfortable bed to lay on for your service. Your esthetician will confirm what service you’re getting done, ask any questions you may have that have stemmed from your intake, and answer any questions you may have. Remember, there are no stupid questions so ask freely! Once all your questions have been answered, your technician will instruct you how to lay down on the table and, in the case of a body wax, will leave the room to give you privacy to change. For all body wax services we provide a modesty cloth and you are always encouraged to just disrobe to your comfort level.


The Wax

 Once your comfortable, your service will begin. Here at Designer’s Denn we use a high quality European wax that comes in three different varieties: a blue hard wax (for all skin types,) a pink hard wax (for extra-sensitive skin) and a gentle, aquamarine strip wax (use for larger areas of the body, such as legs and arms.) If getting a brow wax, your technician will consult with you before the wax even touches your skin, to discuss what you’re hoping to get out of your service today and your desired shape.

Next, a small patch of warm wax will be applied to the skin. If hard wax is being used, a few may be applied at the same time. This process will continue until your wax is complete and you’re hair free and care free. Soothing oil will be applied to moisturize and calm the skin, as well as helping to slow down hair growth. You’ll be given post-wax care instructions before leaving as well as any recommendations for product to make the waxing process even easier going forward.


Checking out and the Rewards Program

We recommend pre-booking your next service before you leave. Not only does this assure an appointment will be available for you when you need your next wax in 4-6 weeks, but you also receive 200 Points as a thank you for being one of our loyal guests! Equal to $2.00, these points are applied to your account, never expire, and stack until you have enough to cover the full amount of a product or service. Plus, refer a friend in and you’ll receive 500 points, or $5.00 worth of points, making a free service well within reach.


We hope to see you soon!



A Quick Note on our Wax

Other than the rigorous training every esthetician goes through here at Designer’s Denn before being released on a service, it is our wax that makes all the difference. While many salons use soft wax for every waxing service, we have a different philosophy. Soft wax adheres to the skin, which can result in skin tearing when used in extra-sensitive spots, like the bikini area and the eyebrows…ouch! This is why we only use hard wax in these delicate locations, which works by shrink wrapping around the hair so your skin is safe!


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