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Make-up as Skin Care: The Jane Iredale Difference

Quality make-up makes a huge difference in the health of your skin. Many companies formulate their products with harmful and comodegenic ingredients, such as mineral oil and lanolin. These ingredients can make it difficult for the skin to breathe which results in breakouts and clogged pores.


Jane Iredale is a different kind of beauty brand. Dedicated to quality, eco friendly cosmetics, Jane only uses the highest-grade micronized minerals available in their formulations as well as never testing on animals. Combine these magical minerals with skin loving ingredients, like pomegranate extract, which aids in minimizing UV damage and zinc oxide, which is anti-inflammatory and you’ve make-up that is truly skin care.


Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation

Giving a sheer semi-matte finish, this buildable and weightless foundation can cover even the toughest blemishes. When applied with the Handi brush and set with any one of Jane Iredale’s Hydration Sprays, this powder transforms the skin yet looks like you have nothing on at all! Plus, thanks to titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, it provides an SPF of 30 and is water resistant for 40 minutes. Can your foundation say that?

Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer

Looking for a lightweight foundation perfect for summertime? Dream Tint is the foundation for you! This tinted moisturizer is perfect for those days you just need a little coverage, but don’t want to fuss around with a lot of product. Water resistant for 40 minutes and featuring an SPF of 15, it’s ideal for a day at the pool when you don’t feel like going totally make-up free.

Active Light Under Eye Concealer in #4

Got dark circles? Say goodbye to them thanks to this amazing, lightweight concealer. This peach concealer perfectly conceals purple, violet and grey undertones and contains boron nitride and titanium dioxide, two minerals that give a beautiful soft focus to the eye area. Buckwheat seed extract helps reduce puffiness, while white tea leaf extract calms and soothes the skin, resulting in beautiful, bright eyes.


Purelash Lash Extender and Conditioner

This mascara primer pairs perfectly with the Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara to achieve long, full, luscious lashes. Thanks to ingredients such as algae extract, which conditions, panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat protein, which thickens, curls and strengthens the lashes, your lashes will look better than ever-even when you take the product off.


Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain

Available in Pink, Peach and Red, this multi-use cream adjusts to your skin’s specific pH so it perfectly complements all skin tones. Unlike many stains, this non-drying product features olive and avocado oils to soften, yet still lasts for hours.


Color Sample Kit

Want to try the line, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! This amazing kit gives a taste of all Jane Iredale has to offer. Available in three different tones, Light, Medium and Dark, this kit contains expertly coordinated shades for everyone. Featuring Purepressed Powder, blush, three eyeshadows, a Circle/Delete concealer, PureMoist lipstick and PureGloss lip gloss, as well as applicators for the concealer, lip products and blush. All that’s missing is the perfect Hydration Spray for your skin type and you’re ready to go!



These are just a few of the many products Jane Iredale has to offer. Come explore the myriad of options Jane has today, by calling our front desk and scheduling an appointment today with one of our talented estheticians!



Put the Box Color Down!

You see the commercials all the time, beautiful hair color you can achieve in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost of salon services. What could be better? Plus, celebrities endorse it, so it has to be good, right? (Side note, they’re definitely not actually using the product…)

While this may seem like the affordable solution you’ve been looking for, nothing can be more disastrous for your hair than coloring it at home. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to step away from the box.


Unpredictable Color: When a professional colorist colors your hair, they create a customized color that takes your current level and undertones into account that ensures that you will achieve your desired result. Unfortunately, box color can’t do this because it’s designed to work for all hair colors. Color is not one size fits all and so the outcome can be unpredictable and typically undesirable. Plus, companies constantly change their formulas to cut costs, so what may have worked one time will not work every time.


Damaging: Box color can be significantly more damaging to the hair. Many people choose demi-permanent dyes, which rinse out after a few washes. Demi-permanent color is less damaging than permanent color because it only deposits pigment and doesn’t lift, which is where the damage comes in. Unfortunately, many demi-permanent box colors are actually permanent color and there’s no way to know for sure what you’re getting. Another issue with box color is the use of Metallic dyes. Metallic dyes are used in many, but not all box colors. If you choose to go to a professional after coloring your own hair, it can be impossible to tell if a metallic dye was used. If hair has been recently colored with metallic dye, applying any color that lifts (meaning any permanent color) will result in your hair melting, something no one wants!

When a professional colorist works with you, they’re going to give you realistic expectations so that you’re happy and your hair remains healthy. While many box colors may make you think you can go from black hair to bleach blonde in one sitting, this is simply not realistic and is going to fry your hair. The colorists here at Designer’s Denn meet with every prospective color client before ever laying a finger on their hair so a plan can be developed to achieve your desired look while still saving the health of your hair. While you may not want to take a year to get to that light blonde color you’re looking for, colorists have your hair’s best interests in mind and it’s best to stick with the slow and steady method.


Costly: While a professional color service can be expensive, it’s nothing compared to the corrective color needed to fix a botched box color. Because box color tends to deposit unevenly, your colorist is going to have to patchwork your hair color to correct the varying shades, which translates to increased cost for you. Plus, without knowing what was in the box color you used, it’s impossible to tell exactly how your hair will turn out which means multiple appointments to fix the mistakes caused by box color.


Color at Designer’s Denn Salon and Spa is a simple, relaxing experience where you can rest assured that you are safe in our expertly trained colorist’s hands. Give our Front Desk staff a call today to book your consult and see what we can do for you!


Combatting Dark Spots

Everyone loves having a beautiful summertime tan, however, no one enjoys what shows up when the glow fades: dark spots. Known as hyperpigmentation, they are the result of an overproduction of melanin that can be triggered by many external and internal triggers. While they can show up quickly, they can take years to truly fade, causing frustration for many people. Today we’re going to discuss the triggers and what you can do to beat hyperpigmentation for good!


Sun Exposure: Sun exposure is one of the top causes of hyperpigmentation. Melanin acts as the body’s defense mechanism to prevent UV damage from reaching the deeper layers of the skin and damaging DNA. When UV enters the skin, it starts a chain reaction that eventually results in melanin production; typically this is seen as a tan. However, sometimes this process can result in an overproduction of melanin in one spot, resulting in a dark spot.


Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: While more common in those of African, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern descent, this form of hyperpigmentation can occur in anyone. Unlike the previous from of hyperpigmentation, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the result of some sort of trauma to the skin including acne, invasive treatments, burns and other causes of inflammation in the skin.


Hormonal Hyperpigmentation: Hormonal hyperpigmentation can show up in a variety of ways, but the most common is the “pregnancy mask.” After periods of significant hormonal change, dark patches can be left behind. These patches typically look different than dark spots and normally occupy a larger area of the body.



Protect Yourself: Avoiding excess sun exposure is the best way to both prevent and treat hyperpigmentation. Because UV exposure triggers melanin production, every time you go out unprotected you risk darkening these spots. Wearing protective clothing, such as sunglasses and hats, and an SPF of at least 35 are the best ways to protect yourself. Jane Iredale’s Powder-Me SPF, offers adequate protection, comes in a convenient to apply powder form, and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.


Home Care: Other than wearing SPF there are many home care products that can successfully treat hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone has been one of the top treatments for many years, however concerns about its side effects and possible carcinogenic qualities make it less than ideal. Luckily, there are many other alternatives that have proven to be either almost as effect or equally effective without all the damaging side effects.

  • dm Skincare Clari-tone serum: This powerhouse contains kojic acid, azelaic acid and alpha-arbutin, all clinically proven to inhibit tyrosinase activity, an enzyme that acts as a catalyst for melanin production. Combined with the exfoliating properties of salicylic and lactic acid, this serum is also ideal for those who are acne prone.
  • Decléor Aromessence White Brightening Serum: This gentle, oil based serum is great for all skin types and contains a blend of essential oils, including acacia, parsley, lemon and chamomile. Acacia in particular has been shown in clinical testing to significantly reduce melanin and erythema in the skin and is useful in both the treatment of hyperpigmentation and dermatitis.


Professional Care: A professionally done facial is the quickest way to jumpstart your way to a more even complexion. When combined with proper homecare, dark spots can be a thing of the past. As with all facials, we recommend a consultation with one of our licensed Estheticians to help determine what treatment will be most appropriate for you.

  • HydraFacial with Britenol add-on: Although the base HydraFacial treatment is amazing at treating hyperpigmentation, with ingredients such as glucosamine and lactic acid, the britenol add-on is really where you will see a difference. Britenol uses a proprietary blend of alpha-arbutin, which lightens dark spots, and vitamin c, which inhibits melanin production. Plus, the treatment only takes around 30 minutes and is only needed on a monthly basis.
  • Decléor Aroma Bright: This deeply restorative facial combines the powerful ingredients found in Décleor’s Aroma White line with soothing massage for a service that is both results driven and relaxing.
  • Mega Peel: This treatment combines the mechanical exfoliation of microdermabrasion with the power of the precision peel to lighten and brighten the skin. To see full results a series of at least 6 treatments is necessary spaced out about 10 days to 2 weeks apart.



Glitter Art at Designer’s Denn

Designer’s Denn Salon and Spa is proud to offer glitter art by G: The Body Art Professionals!

Glitter art comes in a variety of sophisticated designs and are made of the highest quality ingredients, including non-toxic glue and Swarovski crystal. Available as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to any wax or nail service, body art is the perfect way to really personalize your experience.


Applied delicately by hand, these works of art last for up to a week with proper care and can be removed easily when you’re ready with alcohol or an oil!


Give your night a little extra sparkle and consider trying glitter art for your next party or event!


Designer’s Denn has Expanded!

Beginning April 4, 2016 our newly expanded nail spa and waxing suite will be open to guests!


Nail Spa


Our in-demand nail spa now features 5 pedicure tubs, each with their own massage chair for full body relaxation as well as 3 manicure stations. As always, our expert nail technicians follow strict hygiene standards so your visit can be worry free!

To really take full advantage of the new space, we recommend scheduling a Signature Pedicure or Manicure. The signature services include nail and cuticle grooming, a therapeutic paraffin treatment, relaxing massage, and a professional polish application with one of our many OPI polishes. Plus, enjoy a complimentary signature drink safe for all ages to enjoy while you get pampered!


Waxing Suite


Completely separate from our current spa, our new waxing suite is available for our full menu of waxing services. Each room in our new suite features our high quality Berodin hard wax, comfortable bed to recline on during your service and a relaxing, private atmosphere.

In addition to waxing services, our waxing suite will also be able to accommodate express facials! Express facials are designed to give your skin a quick pick me-up and include a cleanse, exfoliating treatment and mask. Whether your skin needs hydrating, radiance or purifying we’ve got an express facial for you! Plus, you can be out within 30 minutes, so they’re quick enough to do over a lunch break.


To be sure your desired appointment time is available, we recommend booking at least 1 week in advance and pre-booking your next appointment before checking out. As always we offer our guests 200 points for pre-booking as part of our rewards program!