The Secret Causes of Breakouts

You’ve got all the right skin care, faithfully get facials and never fall asleep with make-up on; yet clear skin still eludes you. You’re not alone! While this can be frustrating, it’s certainly not uncommon and is one of the top reasons many people abandon their current skin care routine, believing that it just isn’t working. While your skin care regimen may need a little tweaking, there’s a myriad of offenders that could be real reason behind your blemishes. So before your toss those products, we’re going to do some investigating to find the underlying triggers behind those bothersome bumps.


Dirty Make-up brushes

When was the last time you washed your make-up brushes? If you have to think about that question, it’s probably been too long! Make-up brushes can harbor harmful bacteria which translates to breakouts when used unwashed. If you’re noticing breakouts that are concentrated in the areas you apply the most makeup, this is more than likely the cause. To prevent this from happening, brushes should be washed weekly with an alcohol–free brush cleanser, such as Jane Iredale Brush Shampoo & Conditioner, which is formulated without stripping sulfates to keep brushes feeling soft and brand new.


Touching your Face

On average, people touch their face about 3 times per hour. That may not sound like much, but over the course of the day that’s a lot of face time! Just like dirty make-up brushes, hands are contaminated with all kinds of bacteria picked up through daily life. When you touch your face, these bacteria are transferred, infecting your skin, causing little tiny bumps typically clustered in one area, such as the chin if you rest on your hands often. Not touching your face is the easiest way to prevent this from ever occurring. However, if you really must, make sure to clean hands thoroughly before doing so.


Picking at Current Breakouts

One myth many people hold true is that breakouts won’t go away unless you pick at them. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! When extractions are done improperly, you force the infection deep within the follicle and can even burst the pore wall. Bacteria can now flood into other areas of the face, causing multiple pimples to pop up around the irritated area. Plus, you put yourself at risk of introducing new bacteria to the pore, only adding to the inflammation. The best way to clear a breakout fast is by using a benzoyl peroxide based spot treatment once to twice daily on the affected area, such as Dermalogica’s Clear Start Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Fix.


Dirty Cell Phone

Do you have breakouts concentrated around the cheek area? If you do and frequently talk on the phone, then a dirty phone is probably the culprit. There are a few solutions to help alleviate this problem. First of all, disinfecting your phone before making a phone call can help to remove dirt and bacteria. Before doing so, make sure you’re using wipes safe to use on cell phones as many chemicals can damage the screens. You next best bet is to avoid putting the phone to your face at all and switch to a hands free device.


Hair Products

Hair products will typically produce small, rash like breakouts around the hairline and onto the neck. Many drug store brands contain waxy filler and binders, which will result in breakouts over time, so consider switching to a salon quality brand such as Bumble and Bumble, Davines, or Aveda. Already using a high quality product but still getting breakouts? Then the culprit is more than likely an ingredient your skin doesn’t like. Some of the most common offenders are lanolin, olive oil and jojoba oil. What’s important to remember is these are not bad ingredients, however if you’re already prone to breakouts these can be mildly comodegenic.


Clearing the Breakouts

Once you’ve found what’s causing your acne, your current breakouts will need treated to fully disappear. A product containing an acid is the best way to do this, such as glycolic, lactic, salicylic or an alpha hydroxy acid. These products work by gently exfoliating the top layer of skin and the inside of the pore to remove dirt, oil and debris over time so you can have smooth, clear skin again. The AHA Salicylic Solution from DM Skincare contains all four of these acids in a formula so gentle it’s safe to use everyday!

Anytime you’re using an exfoliant it’s important to make sure you’re also using sun protection everyday, as this new baby-soft skin is especially prone to burning and hyperpigmentation from sun exposure.

All products mentioned can be purchased in house at Designer’s Denn Salon and Spa. Call our front desk to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled estheticians today to create a plan to banish those blemishes for good!


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