LED Light Therapy: The Secret to Firmer, Clearer Skin

Can a light change your skin? If it’s an LED light it can! Originally developed by NASA, these Light Emitting Diodes work by generating visible light able to penetrate the dermis, resulting in a healing effect deep within the skin. The results? Healthier, clearer, firmer skin that is rejuvenated from the inside out.

Blue Light

Breakouts are often caused by a combination of oily skin and the P.Acnes bacteria. Blue LED targets both causes by killing bacteria through oxygenation and reducing sebaceous gland activity, resulting in a beautiful matte finish and skin that is deeply purified. Oxygenation is also great for reducing inflammation, helps stimulate collagen production and is helpful in reducing cellular damage caused by oxidative stress.

Red Light

Red light is wonderful for all skin types, including sensitive inflamed skin. Red LED works deep within the skin to stimulate fibroblast cells, essential for collagen and elastin production, which naturally slows as we age. This not only firms and plumps the skin, but reduces redness and inflammation, promotes healing and helps increase circulation.

LED is featured during our HydraFacial treatment to increase the effectiveness of the Vortex-Boost serums and soothe the skin. To maximize results, we also offer a 30-minute LED add-on available for all facial services.

Call our Front Desk Staff to book your LED light treatment today!


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