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The Do’s and Don’ts of Waxing!

With Spring Break right around the corner and the temperatures beginning to climb, waxing season is officially in full swing! If you’re considering waxing for the first time or it’s been awhile since your last wax, here’s some of the do’s and don’ts of waxing to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to check out our article on what to expect at your first wax here to calm any worries and relax your nerves before your visit.

DO make your appointment at least 2-3 weeks in advance to avoid the risk of no appointments being available

DO schedule the service you intend on getting. Don’t schedule a bikini when you intend to get an extended brazilian because you’re embarrassed.

DO grow your hair for at least 2-3 weeks before your service. Any shorter and you may be asked to reschedule to accommodate the growth needed to ensure a successful waxing.

DO schedule your wax at least 3-4 days before you’ll be at the beach. Any closer and you risk infection from dirty sand on your freshly waxed skin.

DO take an Ibuprofen or Advil 45-60 minutes before your service. You can also use numbing creams, such as PFB Numb-it to further decrease discomfort

DO disclose any personal health information, such as communicable diseases, to your technician.

DO use the hygiene wipe given to you if your technician supplies you with one. This is to cleanse the area of harmful bacteria we don’t want entering freshly waxed pores.

DO stay as relaxed as possible during your service; tensing up will increase your discomfort.

DO exfoliate the waxed area when you shower until you come back for your next wax as this helps prevent ingrown hairs. We recommend the Ultimate Buffing Cloth, because its nylon fibers resist bacterial growth and it is machine washable.

DON’T schedule your wax the week before or during your period. Due to hormonal fluctuations, this is the most painful time to be waxed.

DON’T shower or steam immediately before your service. This can soften the hair, making it more prone to breakage during your wax; showering a few hours before is fine (and recommended.)

DON’T workout immediately after your service. This will result in bumps and possibly ingrown hairs.

DON’T use a loofah in the shower. Loofahs hold a tremendous amount of bacteria and will cause ingrown hairs. Opt for something washable and anti-microbial, like the Ultimate Buffing Cloth, carried in-house at Designer’s Denn.

DON’T apply makeup immediately after facial waxing, which could cause bumps or breakouts.

DON’T shave, tweeze or trim between waxes. This will cause uneven hair growth, making your next wax not as clean. It will also make the hair appear coarser, due to the blunt angle it’s cut at.

DON’T engage in sexual activity the day of your wax if you’re getting a brazilian or bikini wax.

DON’T tan for 24 hours before or after your wax. Better yet, don’t tan at all!

DON’T be worried about redness or slight bumpiness after your wax-this is normal and will recede in about 24-48 hours.

And above all…

DON’T be embarrassed! No one will be judging you!

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Massage for Expectant Mommies

Today, in part two of our series on pregnancy and beauty services, we’ll be covering body treatments during pregnancy. With all of the aches and pains involved with being an expectant mother, a soothing massage can be the perfect treatment to make you feel like a million bucks. However, many women worry about the safety of these services. Today, we’re here to relieve any worries you may have.


First Trimestermothers-to-be-photo
During the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes very rapidly and that rings doubly true for your brand new baby. Because of these rapid and vital growth changes, the first trimester also tends to be the most tumultuous time in a pregnancy. Because of this, we advise against any massage or body treatments before you’ve hit the 12- week mark in your pregnancy.

Second Trimester and Beyond
After the 12-week mark, Designer’s Denn is proud to offer a selection of body therapies perfectly tailored for expectant mothers. Our 60 minute prenatal massage features a full body massage to melt away all of your tension and utilizes our unique prenatal table, featuring a belly hole, so you can comfortably lay face down during any stage of pregnancy.

If a beauty-oriented treatment is more what you’re after, our Natural Motherhood Body Envelopment is exactly what you need! This pampering treatment is ideal for expectant mothers or post pregnancy to regain skin elasticity and to tone the skin. Featuring a calming back massage, a firming and toning aromatic balm and a sculpting body mask, you’ll leave with skin that looks visibly younger and more radiant!


Pregnancy and Nail Services

Pregnancy is a time of joy, excitement and, often times, uncertainty. One thing you should never have to worry about is if your beauty services are safe for you and your unborn baby, especially when they can be so helpful in calming your nerves. Over the next few weeks we will be covering all the ins and outs of pregnancy and beauty services, starting with nail services.

Over the years nail services have been notorious for requiring the use of many harmful chemicals to work properly, such as formaldehyde and tourmaline. These are chemicals that due to many of their harmful side effects, pregnant and non-pregnant women alike would be wise to avoid.

Luckily, many of the largest polish brands are now proudly 3-Free. This means they free of the three most toxic chemicals: formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. At Designer’s Denn we use OPI’s high quality nail polishes that are proudly 3 free meaning you can continue to get your manicures and pedicures for your entire pregnancy, provided you are having a healthy pregnancy. If you’re having any sort of complications, it’s always recommended to get the ok from your doctor before getting any kinds of services.

All of our nail offerings are suitable for pregnancy, however our prenatal services are specifically tailored for women suffering from pregnancy induced swelling, featuring a cooling massage designed to reduce fluid retention. If swelling is not an issue for you, we recommend our Signature services. Featuring a soothing massage, scrub and paraffin and finished with a professional polish application, you’re sure to leave refreshed, relaxed, and invigorated.

Give our front desk staff a call to schedule your nail services today!